Safe 7 System

Fuel Safe is the first to the checkers with the most innovative item to splash into 600 racing in years!

Fuel Safe Racing Cells has nailed it again, this time in 600 Mini/Micro racing, with their new Safe 7 System ™. Fuel Safe was the first to step up and expend tremendous effort in developing a real racing fuel cell, much unlike what others are trying to pass off as acceptable by throwing together old parts or penciling up something that will not work well after it is installed in the car. Fuel Safe has multiple wins under their belt with the Safe 7 System, and they were even taking major wins while the part was still in final R&D. This is due to the intense commitment to performance that Fuel Safe Racing Cells is dedicated to.
The Safe 7 System takes into account 4 of the most important factors relative to fueling, including safety, reliability, acceleration, and cornering performance.

  1. Safety: By adding a true flexible bladder (as opposed to a rigid tank, or a tank someone simply calls a bladder to get you to buy it) into the system the crash survivability is hugely enhanced. The flexible bladder can move within the tail tank/shell under impact which allows the bladder to deform to protect itself from punctures and absorb the potentially tremendous impact energies involved with rollovers and crashes.

  2. Reliability: By offering the 7 gallon bladder tank in the 16 shell, fuel delivery reliability is greatly enhanced. The bladder does not have to conform to all the odd shapes and radiuses of a full size cell, and the footprint was designed and refined so the fuel pickup is sure well below the 1 gallon level. Other designs, such as one recently posted on a website as “soon to be offered” will suffer from huge swings in reliability as the fuel has the ability to slosh all over the tank when the car is setting into a corner. That’s just the time you need to be able to puck up the throttle again!

  3. Acceleration: When you hit the go pedal, you ought to go, the same way every time, correct? Only the Safe 7 System offers a solid CG regardless of the fuel load, good to the last drop. No other design either on the market or “proposed” offers a fuel load that doesn’t hinder chassis setup.

  4. Cornering: By keeping the fuel directly over the rear axle you’ll experience better side bite and increased traction while cornering. When you transition back to WOT the car won’t suffer from the fuel load shifting in the cell which encourages more forward bite.

    All in all the Safe 7 System from Fuel Safe Racing Cells simply cannot be beat. Not only does it offer the safety required by nearly every legitimate racing organization, but it is hands down far and away the hottest performance enhancement for the new season-

This product is in stock and may be purchased from several convenient locations Indiana: call Mike Hurst 317-852-7171 or save on shipping in Pennsylvania call Rick Horn at 717-887-5145. Please if you have any questions or comments please call Drew Barney at Fuel Safe 800-433-6524 x250.


Get Safety and Performance Improvements with Fuel Safe’s New Innovative 600 Tail Tank
Fuel Safe Racing Cells new innovative 7 gallon bladder tank with built in energy absorbing material is NOW available in several options.  This new race tested system offers the following advantages:

  • Bladder’s size and location over the rear axle:
    • Reduces fuel movement because Fuel is contained in smaller area of the tank
    • Creates more reliable fuel pickup eliminating the need to carry extra fuel
    • Helps increase forward bite by locating fuel closer to center of car allowing the car to drive off the corners harder.
    • Increases side bite on slick tracks and has less pendulum effect

  • Proprietary energy absorbing material located in lower area within shell provides greater protection in event of contact and reduces moisture within fuel compartment.

  • Complete 7 Gallon fuel system assembly includes:
    • Durable tank shell with or without molded in tank side mounts.
    • Aircraft quality flush cap fill plate keeps water and dirt out and comes with roll over vent and pick up.
    • 7 Gallon bladder is available for alcohol and gasoline.
    • Proprietary energy absorbing material is formed but flexible to take up the space in the remaining tank.
    • Weighs less than 16lbs.

  • Or just purchase the Upgrade Kit which includes 7 gallon Bladder and energy absorbing material.

For more information call Mike Hurst at Spike.





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