Why the Dominator, all new 30-Gallon Cell

The dominator was developed due to the need for a larger capacity cell for the longer races, also for the cases where a race was run with many yellow flag laps. Some Promoters have an issue with the stopping of a race for refueling, because the fans have to sit through it and the time it takes to get the cars started again. The only thing that was available at the time was the big 33 gallon tanks that Saldana and Fuel Safe had; many teams didn’t like their design and size. We decided a new design was necessary but first we needed to study the situation as it existed so we went to the people who race. We interviewed the sports top people (drivers, crew chiefs, owners as well as promoters) and came away with what was needed, 2 more gallons.

Everyone liked the size and shape of our 28 gallon cell. So we went to work on retaining the 28 front area shape and size and gained the extra capacity at the rear frame rails back and lowered the sump area behind the torsion tubes, this allowed the fuel to be placed lower behind the torsion tubes and with the sharper angle of the sump keeps the fuel contained in that lower area. After testing with some of the top drivers; Cory  Kruseman, Jason Meyers, Craig Dollansky it was determined that the placement of the fuel helped with Forward bite and side bite plus the additional fuel would get them to the end of the race. Now it is being used on some of the top winged and non-winged cars including; Levi Jones, Chad Boat, and Jack Yeley Lance Dewease, Stevie Smith, Mark Smith, Brian Ellenberger and some others. The AllStars are now required to use the larger cell in 2009.



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