The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Dereck King Wins DuQuoin 600s

Brownsburg, In - The hits just keep on coming for the Safe 7 System from Fuel Safe Racing Cells, available through Spike Inc. Friday night at Linda's Speedway in Pa. spelled double-trouble for the 600cc Micro competition as Lex Burritt and Keith Woodson scored a one-two finish, with both cars equipped with the Safe 7 System.

Burritt's win came in the second half of a "Twin 20's" feature at Linda's Speedway on Sept. 19. Burritt's run in the opening 20-lapper served notice on the field that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with as he blasted out of the 17th starting spot to finish 8th. "We were about the only car out there doing any passing," Burritt related.

Burritt's experience with the Safe 7 System was stellar from the time he opened the box to his first laps on the speedway. "We got the tank and found it to be just like they told us it would be; all ready to go and easy to install," Burritt shared. "It's head and shoulders above the other fuel cells, where basically the whole tail is full of fuel. With Safe 7 System the fuel is in a confined space over the rear axle where it raises the roll center," Burritt continued. "I noticed the difference right away from the center of the corner off, with Safe 7 System the car really gets into the race track and has a lot more forward drive."

An improvement in forward bite was just what the doctor ordered for Burritt's team, "That was the one place our program was lacking, forward drive when the track was slick," Burritt said. "The Safe 7 System actually did more than we thought it would to tighten up the car. Now we can actually back off from trying to get it tighter and work on freeing it up, it gives us more adjustability," Burritt concluded.

Keith Woodson who finished second to Burritt was also using the Safe 7 System making it a top two sweep for the new fuel cell technology. Woodson's praise for the Safe 7 System  was just as enthusiatic as Burritt's. "We found that everything lined up and it only took about 10-15 minutes to install," Woodson said.

Woodson was most impressed by the engineering of the Safe 7 System."The thought that went into the Safe 7 System and the simplicity of it are just awesome. I was really impressed with it," Woodson enthused.

Woodson found the same handling advantages as Burritt. "It changed the roll center of the car and tightened it up a bunch, now we can make adjustments to free it up. We can also run less fuel and save weight because of the improved fuel pickup of the S7S," Woodson said.


Brownsburg, In - Dereck King Wins DuQuoin 600s with New Safe 7 System from Fuel Safe.

Dereck King got an email from Spike Inc. Bob Trafford the week prior to racing the POWRi 600 Micro event at DuQuoin, IL on Aug. 31 and he's glad he did. "Bob emailed earlier in the week and asked if we'd be interesting in running a newly designed Fuel Safe bladder tank for 600 Micros that can now be purchased from Spike Inc.," King explained. "We decided to try it."

So, how did it work out, Dereck? How about winning the first time out. King had nothing but praise for the new tank, called the "Safe 7 System" from Fuel Safe Racing Cells and distributed by Spike Inc. "We got the tank and it was easy to install, it was self-explanatory and mounted right up," King said. "It's the newest, hottest product on the market. We put it on, and right away it helped with the forward drive and side bite of the car."

Apparently it did, because in King's maiden voyage with the Safe 7 System installed he won the 25 lap 600cc Outlaw Micro Sprint event at Du Quoin.






















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